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Print series camera’s: For those interested in what camera’s I use, there’s some tech info: Early 90’s Canon EOS 5 bodies. In the US these bodies were released as the A2. These camera's can be found on ebay for about 200 USD dollars. I use a new Canon fixed 40mm 2.8 pancake lens. I rarely change focal lengths. I shoot in AV mode @f8 most of the time. (light permitting) I rarely use flash in my film work. I love these camera’s & they never fail. I buy many of them & sometimes give them away as gifts to other photographers. For years I shot with a Leica M6 manual focus rangefinder camera with a 50mm lens, but I ’m...

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Framing ideas:

Framing options & ideas: Tasmanian Oak is beautiful, either with a white border or ‘full bleed’. This means the photograph is slightly larger as it butts right up to the edge of the frame rather than having a white border. Leaving a border between the artwork & the frame is more traditional & always looks great! A border between 5-10 cm is great & your framer will give you an idea of what is appropriate when you choose your frame. There are many examples in my store of each image with multiple framing styles. Painted white or black frames work really well too. I’ve seen a few people to this & like the results. *There are examples of frames &...

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California Series

My wife Jane & I traveled to Southern California in spring of 2016 to visit my aunt Olivia Newton John at her ranch near Santa Barbara. We spent some time visiting the local area & I shot a roll of film around the old motel called the Santa Cota. It was built in 1962 and at the time was closed & boarded up. From there we drove to Palm Springs to attend a wedding of a friend & stayed at the iconic Ace Hotel. This chain of restored motels scattered all over the world are super hip & keep the integrity of the original architecture intact. Some of these photographs from Palm Springs are among my most popular.

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