Gold Coast series

I spent well over a year walking the backstreets of the Gold coast from Palm Beach to Miami searching for old homes & Motels to document. Most of these homes are now gone or slated for demolition & new development high rise or luxury homes built in their place.The old school timber homes are a thing from the past, stylized wooden awnings & handmade stone walls were popular from the 1940’s through to the 1970’s.Most of these great building were holiday homes either on the beach or one street back on large blocks. Walking is really the only way you find them as they a scattered in between new high rise developments.Clearly there is no government heritage overlay for these homes to survive as the need for new housing & profit taking in that area has taken on a whole meaning of it’s own.It’s a shame that eventually none will be left & only photographic images like mine will tell the story of the last century & the Gold coast as it was back then.My photographic prints of these houses are shot of Kodak Portra film & can be blown up from 70 x 50cm to 150 cm x 100cm.