Framing ideas:

Framing options & ideas:

Tasmanian Oak is beautiful, either with a white border or ‘full bleed’.

This means the photograph is slightly larger as it butts right up to the edge of the frame rather than having a white border.

Leaving a border between the artwork & the frame is more traditional & always looks great!

A border between 5-10 cm is great & your framer will give you an idea of what is appropriate when you choose your frame.

There are many examples in my store of each image with multiple framing styles.

Painted white or black frames work really well too. I’ve seen a few people to this & like the results.

*There are examples of frames & different styles in the store images.

Glass: Standard glass your framer will use works well.

If your framed image is near a large window of light source, you could consider polarized glass options. This eliminates glare & fading of the art but is more expensive.

There are a few different types of glass from standard up to Museum glass.

Standard glass is the the norm, however I have used the polarized glass on photographs close to a light source or bright window.

This glass removes reflections & the print wont fade.

Have a look at the link below that explains the 4 different glass options available.