Byron Bay

What’s not to love about the far North coast of New South Wales & especially Byron Bay.

The relaxed alternate lifestyle makes this magic place a dream for holiday makers & those ready to make a sea change.

White sandy beaches, warm blue water, fresh produce markets, dozens of choices for dining & hanging out on every budget.

The hinterland towns from Bangalow, Federal & Mullumbimby offer their own unique charm & experience & never fail to put a smile on your face.

Driving the long winding roads that are covered with overhanging tropical palms on the way to Minyon or Killon Falls takes your breath away as you roam the Byron Bay hinterland.

Spend the day swimming at South Golden or Torakina Beach in Brunswick heads or hangout at Tallows or Main beach in Byron, then have lunch at Rea’s at Wategos with a glass of rose!

Well... that’s what we do after a day on the beach.

Jane & I are lucky enough to have our own place there & it’s available on Airbnb when we are both in Melbourne working.

Here’s a link to our place in South Golden Beach. It’s a beautiful townhouse 400 metres from the beach.

Everytime I’m in town I shoot a few rolls of film walking the streets of Byron looking for the character’s on the streets the make up this diverse community. But I usually end up the beach early morning & then sunset to truly capture what Byron Bay is all about.

Groups of backpackers & locals on the beach kicking a soccer ball, singing & playing guitar or just hanging out together makes for great photography.

Checkout my Sunset photos #1 & #2

My image called The Pass is where surfers go out between the rocks on the point  as the rip takes you out to the take off zone & you can paddle through the waves without a struggle. Just make sure you respect the local surfers out there & don’t drop in or steal their waves.

If you’re looking for a wellness experience, look no further that Gaia Retreat & Spa in Brooklet about 15 minutes up the Hinterland hwy.

They have an incredible Day Spa & Bungalow rooms.

Byron bay is a special place, so get up there while overseas travel might not be an option for a while.

Let’s all enjoy the pristine coastline we are so lucky to have, treat it well, keep it clean, contribute to the local economy & be kind to each other :)